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Hoyt Bows Hawaii, Hoyt Pro Defiant
If you are headed to Hawaii any time soon you may want to consider bringing along a new Hoyt Bow! Throughout 2016, Hoyt’s #iamdefiant hashtag garnered much attention in the bowhunting community. Of course, the hashtag’s subject is the Defiant and Carbon Defiant. The wave continues with the 2017 Pro Defiant. It boasts tons of exciting features: Zero Torque Cable Guard System designed to alleviate riser stress while drawing; Offset Riser Technology for benchmark strength and stiffness; Multilayer Lamiate UltraFlex Limbs designed to partner with DFX cams to improve string angle, in turn promoting stress-free and comfortable shooting form; and Pro-Lock Pocket System intended to superiorly connect the riser and limbs for unrivaled reliably. Limb Shox and Shock-Rod Technology stop noise and vibrations. Don’t forget the TEC Lite riser, which survived Hoyt’s rigorous 1,500 dry-fire testing protocol. The DFX cam has an optional limb stop for those who prefer a sturdier wall at full draw. Parallel Split Limbs generate virtually zero shock and evenly distribute loads. The Pro Defiant is available in three models ranging in length and speed, if your are looking at Hoyt bows Hawaii try: Pro Defiant, Pro Defiant 34 and Pro Defiant Turbo. We have been shooting Hoyt for quite a few years and can tell you that these new bows are some of the fastest, best engineered, quietest shooting, and easiest drawing bows on the market. Give one a try and head on over this way to try your new Hoyt bow in Hawaii. Thanks to the 2017 ATA show, Hoyt archery and bowhunting.com for this video.

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