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Hawaii Hunters- Through a legislative twist of fate, the very first items on the agenda when the Senate reopened recently were Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps, better known to their fans as duck stamps. But before the media begins making weak jokes about lame-duck Congressmen, the legislation deserves a closer look.The Sportsmen’s Act of 2012, as the […]

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Bowhunting Lanai Axis Deer with Shane Dorian Check out this video Bowhunting Lanai with Surfer Shane Dorian

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Axis Deer | The state Board of Land and Natural Resources on Friday will take up a proposal designed to help rid the Big Island of axis deer. The proposal to be considered at a meeting in Honolulu calls for the board to declare axis deer to be harmful to agriculture as well as native […]

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Do you want to Hunt Deer on Maui? Maui hunters are forming a cooperative to kill axis deer that are overrunning farms and ranches on the Valley Isle. Hunters in the Maui Axis Deer Harvesting Cooperative will get to keep the venison they get. Owners of property where the deer are killed may also keep some […]

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Hawaii Axis Deer Smuggling | A third man is charged in connection with transporting invasive game animals from the Big Island to Maui. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports Big Island rancher Daniel Rocha is charged with providing the 14 mouflon rams that were transported via helicopter to Arrow One Ranch on Maui in 2009. Maui helicopter pilot Thomas […]

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Lanai Mouflon Sheep | Our friend Steve recently arrowed this 30+ inch Monsta Mouflon Sheep on the Island of Lanai. Get in touch with Bowhunt Hawaii if you are interested in this hunt as there are year-round opportunities for Lanai Mouflon. This is one of the most challenging spot-and-stalk hunts in Hawaii for some of the […]

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Hawaii Hunting So you are interested in hunting Hawaii, here is a down and dirty review as compared to the rest of the United States Is the information easy to find? The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources ‘Hunting in Hawaii’ page is at the top of the search results. Grade: A Website: is […]

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Aloha ka kou and welcome, You are visiting the Hawaii Bowhunting Nation! We are all about getting close to trophy big game in the Hawaiian Islands. Longbow, recurve, compound, no matta- its all about sneaking and peeking in some of the most awesome country in the world -da Hawaiian Islands. Check us out, there is lots […]