Hawaii Hunting for Active Duty Military

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Hawaii Hunting | So here is the scoop, if you were domiciled in Hawaii for at least a year and/or possess a valid Hawaii’s driver license and/or are an active member of the Military stationed in Hawaii and/or are registered to vote in Hawaii and are purchasing with a credit card that utilizes a Hawaii billing address you can hunt as a resident of Hawaii. Thats right only $10 annually!

All hunting license applicants must show proof of having successfully completed a hunter education course that is recognized by the National Hunter Education Association. The only exception to this requirement is if a person was born before January 1, 1972, and can show proof of having been issued a Hawaii hunting license before July 1, 1990. However, completion of a hunter education course is still recommended.

A person is considered to be a resident of Hawaii if they have resided in the State of Hawaii for at least one year. Active duty military personnel and their dependents stationed in Hawaii are also considered to be residents for the purposes of obtaining a hunting license.

Get that license and lets go bowhunting!

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