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Hunting Pigs Hawaii Hunting Pigs to Save Hawaii Reefs. The ocean is fundamental to all life on Earth. It covers 70% of our planet, dictates weather, regulates temperature, and takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. On the ocean floor lies one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world: coral reefs. There’s no […]

Hawaii Island Hunting
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Hawaii Island Hunting closed, POHAKULOA TRAINING AREA, for approximately three weeks due to military training. Army officials anticipate resuming hunting Nov. 7-8, pending training Hawaii Island Hunting area availability. This means no Spanish Goats, Mouflon Sheep, or Black Sheep. Hunting opportunities at PTA differ from other public hunting areas because availability depends on military training schedules. The […]

Hawaii Archery Goat
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Hawaii Archery Goat | Our good friend Denver Bryan from Montana put the smack-down on goat-zilla last week. He has been after this big Spanish Hawaii Archery Goat for two seasons. Guess its a little better than winter in Montana! If you are interested in chasing Spanish Goats in Hawaii get in touch. We have […]

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Army and bowhunters finding balance at Pohakuloa It’s open season at Pohakuloa Traning Area. The 133,000-acre Army facility between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa has made its land much more available to hunters over the last year, allowing sportsmen greater access to areas not being used for military training. Lt. Col. Eric Shwedo, PTA commander, […]

bowhunting Hawaiian black sheep
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Bowhunting Hawaiian Black Sheep | Chris gettin’ it done over on the Big Island. This was Jeralds first ram with a bow, he is officially hooked! If you are interested in Bowhunting Hawaiian Sheep, Bowhunt Hawaii has some awesome properties with well-managed populations of trophy Hawaiian Black Sheep. Private land archery hunts offer 100% shooting opportunity at mature […]

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Record Archery Goat | We get some really nice Goats here in Hawaii but not even close this 111 5/8 Record of Exotics recently harvested by our friend Bradley. Should go #2 in Archery and #3 overall in next year’s book. Record Archery Goat- this one is a MONSTER

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Hawaiian Ibex Hunting | GoPro. Check out this Big Island Point of View GoPro Vid from Area 808. Gettin’ on some nice  Hawaiian Style Spanish Goats. Spanish Goats were introduced to Hawaii by Captain James Cook in 1778. They were well known in Hawaii by 1793, and reported as abundant by 1850. From 1844 to […]

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Interested in Big Island Hunting? Despite strong Big Island community opposition, a federal court order is allowing Hawaii officials to resume aerial hunting of feral sheep and goats in an effort to protect a critically endangered bird found only in certain parts of Mauna Kea. Earthjustice hails the order issued earlier this week as crucial […]

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Bowhunting Hawaiian Black Sheep Take a great from winter and check out some good old fashioned Hawaii spot-and-stalk hunting. One of our favorite weekend getaways is Bowhunting Hawaiian Black Sheep. Check out the vid to see what all the Hawaiian hunting action is all about. Mahalo to One Up One down for this vid-sorry about […]

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Broadhead Sharpening Made Easy. I don’t know about you but every once in a while I miss. I live in Hawaii so that pretty much means my broadhead (BH) is going to land on a rock, tree or at best in the dirt. That’s not good for the BH and as everyone knows, it is imperative […]