Hawaiian Black Sheep

bowhunting Hawaiian black sheep
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Bowhunting Hawaiian Black Sheep | Chris gettin’ it done over on the Big Island. This was Jeralds first ram with a bow, he is officially hooked! If you are interested in Bowhunting Hawaiian Sheep, Bowhunt Hawaii has some awesome properties with well-managed populations of trophy Hawaiian Black Sheep.

Private land archery hunts offer 100% shooting opportunity at mature Rams and the chance to harvest both Rams and Ewes in the same day. Our professional guide team is the best on the Big Island and the private ranches they hunt are nothing short of spectacular. Hunting is spot-and-stalk through a combination of up-country forest and pasture. Most shots are inside 40 yards, although it helps to have a little extra distance if you need to reach out. In addition to lots of Sheep, there is also a good chance of seeing Polynesian Wild Boar, which you are welcome to stalk and harvest at no additional charge. Contact Bowhunt Hawaii to book your 2017 Hawaiian Black Sheep Hunt.

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