Hawaiian Ibex Hunting

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Hawaiian Ibex Hunting | GoPro. Check out this Big Island Point of View GoPro Vid from Area 808. Gettin’ on some nice ¬†Hawaiian Style Spanish Goats.

Spanish Goats were introduced to Hawaii by Captain James Cook in 1778. They were well known in Hawaii by 1793, and reported as abundant by 1850. From 1844 to 1900, 1,581,000 goat skins were exported from the Hawaiian Islands. Goat control programs were placed into effect early in the 20th Century.

Big Island Hawaiian Ibex Goats are descendants of gifts to Hawaii Kings by Cook, George Vancouver, and others. The animal known today as Capra Hircus seems to be a mixture of at least three different wild goats from different parts of the Old World. Billies weigh about 100 pounds and can have horn lengths of 30 inches.



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